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Article: Victoria Collection New Spring 2021

Victoria Collection New Spring 2021

Victoria Collection New Spring 2021

These essential pieces are not-so-basic.

Rocking stylish outfits by adding in essential pieces with details and personalities is the way to dress! Picking basics to add to our wardrobe is never easy, and our Victorian collection gets you covered with all the essential needs of comfort, style, and versatility.  
We need to dress smart during this social distancing era and invest in items that work for both online meetings indoors or vitamin c sunbath time outdoors. Adding unique pieces that are easy to style with will get you compliments and feeling confident even staying at home.



Aria Floral Cotton Maxi Dress

The first one is our Vic Floral Cotton Slip Dress, great for a long day of Netflix in bed, a nice walk with our pups, and excellent to layer under or over by occasions.


22095-simpleretro-Victoria 100% Cotton Stripe Blouse

Victoria Cotton Stripe Blouse

A beautiful blue color shirt that is great to go with any bottoms. Yes, any! Even our pajama pants to keep us formal in front of the webcam. Shhh~


22165-simpleretro-Hailey Embroidery Cotton Blouse

Hailey Embroidery Cotton Blouse

When we say not-so-basic basics, we mean it! Look at the settle embroidery and the little tie back detail on this blouse!

Put this on and have a little photo-shoot. See you on our social media @simpleretro. 

Stay Chic!