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Sustainable consumption and production are about doing more and better with less. We are doing our best to make all the beauty sustainable, both in fabric and production. We’ll leave you with this promise and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to grow by your side. 

01. Green Manufacturing

The fashion industry churned out 100 billion pieces of clothing for 7 billion people in 2018. The problem is getting critical, a part of brands are burning unsold inventory. The waste has got to stop. We strongly believe that a sustainable venture begins with mindful production and the elimination of excess inventories. And we produce and keep a small supply to prevent dispensable waste by every Wednesday drop capsule collection. 

02. Eco-friendly Materials

Our eco-friendly materials are authorized by SGS Global Certification Center. Cotton —— Guaranteed the organic status of our textiles Polyester —— Guaranteed that no harmful chemical substances are present in textile products Wool —— Guaranteed that respect animal welfare and local biodiversity during production Denim —— The water used during their production is recycled Vegan leather -—— chrome-free or metal-free 

03. Our Team

 We that reliable products begin with the people and the environment. It’s our responsibility to create a safe, healthy, and fair working environment for our teams, and for workers throughout our supply chain. 87% of our workers are women because providing job opportunities for women is a mission to us as a woman-designed brand.