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Spring 22 Collection

Celebrating Women’s History Month, Simple Retro collaborates with a Chinese artist, CHOWXIAODOU, to launch a “Rainbow Girls” collection.
This collection embraces the beauty of plants with rainbow colors as the inspiration. We selected Camellia, Goldenberry, Tulip, Lily of the Valley, Sparrow as they represent different characteristics.

Through the colors of florals, we want to deliver these messages to you:

Camellia Red for Enthusiasm and Warm

Goldenberry Orange for Cute and Innocent

Lily of the Valley Green for Restrained and Gentle

Sparrow Cyanine for Unique and Immaculate

Morning Glory Blue for Vitality and Bravery

Wisteria Violet for Happy and Determined

Camellia Chowxiaodou Printed Red Midi Skirt

Tulip Chowxiaodou White Embroideried Blouse

Camellia Chowxiaodou Printed Apricot Sleeveless Dress

Camellia Chowxiaodou Printed Red Midi Dress

Camellia Chowxiaodou Printed Red Ruffled Blouse

Camellia Chowxiaodou Graphic T-Shirt

Tulip 白色鬱金香印花T恤

Camellia Chowxiaodou Orange Embroideried T-Shirt

Tulip Chowxiaodou Green Graphic T-Shirt

Convallaria Chowxiaodou Printed Khaki Loose Blouse

Convallaria Chowxiaodou Printed Khaki Pleated Dress

Convallaria Chowxiaodou Printed Khaki Midi Dress

Spring Summer 2022 Collection