• The Minimalism of the 90’s

    Posted on August 23 2016

    The minimalist legacy of the 90’s, and the designers that made it happen. In 1993, Amy M. Spindler, writing for the New York Times, described minimalismas follows: Minimalism is as noncommittal...

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  • Truly powerful beauty in minimalist low profile clothing

    Posted on June 29 2016

    Lily Montasser of THEDEMELER. NYC Blogger.  Photographer - Laura Huertas Jeannie Ly of JEANNIELY. Fashion and lifestyle Blogger from NY. Some people say fashion is a revolving door. Although fashion...

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  • Short V-Neck Silk Dress.

    Posted on June 24 2016

    Fashionable women don’t just take what’s given to them. They make personality come out of normal. How far away is elegance from fashion? Taking your fashion from classic elegance to...

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  • The ‘90s - The sexual rise of Calvin Klein.

    Posted on June 23 2016

    A love for brands, materialism, lots of accessories and bold coloring all came out of the excesses of the 1980s. However, in the ‘90s, people became concerned about doing good...

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  • Front General Store

    Posted on May 05 2016

     Take a tour and learn more about Front General Store, Brooklyn’s best kept vintage secret making fashion history.     “I feel so tired of vintage sometimes,” starts Hideya Sagawa,...

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  • The American shirt of the Vietnam War period

    Posted on May 02 2016

    We have long wondered where to find a high quality and comfortable t-shirt. The one that will last a long time, won’t lose its shape but become a favorite thing...

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