About Vintage Jeans

About Vintage Jeans

Instant Retro-Look with a Pair of Blue Denim 

The elements of the 90’s fashion is coming back everywhere; Instagram feeds are full of celebrity looks from the ’90s, and everyone is dressing in retro-inspired throwback styles. A nice pair of 90’s denim would be the key to many retro outfits; they are perfect to wear with any tops. High-waisted, straight leg, ankle length, flare leg, and so many more fun denim styles are back on the rack! 

They are stretchy and flattering to most body types, and their casual aesthetic made them perfect for everyday wear. A pair of blue jeans that sits around your natural waist and your belly button is great to tuck in your tops for that retro-vibe. 

 Let’s get our hands on a pair of 90’s denim and relive the 90’s style together! 

A must-have pair for all denim lovers out there. The design is chic yet effortless, great to wear to a leisurely walk and a long day WFH.

Freda High Waist Jeans

Freda High Waist Jeans to sit high on the hips and wide leg. So chic and so flattering. 

Ariel High Straight Jeans

Ariel High Straight Jeans have a structured waist and straight legs, which create a slimming effect yet enhancing your body curves. 

Evelyn Cotton Jeans are made with washed black denim. A black pair of jeans that are a great addition to our denim collections. 

See you in the 90’s retro-denim. @simpleretro. 

Stay Chic!