- Introducing - 


Classic. Lasts longer. 


SimpleRetro is an outerwear brand founded in 2015. 
Presenting the unique collections made of
renovated patterns we give the second birth to the history and heritage.






- About Team -


Vintage aesthetic or simple style? Does not it contradict fashion industry? These are the questions we are raising every moment. We are a group of people who combine vintage and simple basic together and make funny mix and match out of it.

As we could not find the clothing we wanted on the market and given the fact that there are so many one-time clothing — we decided to create it by ourselves. This is why we came together in fall/2015. We believe that focusing on details will bring more quality clothing which will be kept longer in our client’s closet.


 For this reason we retain the essentials of every vintage garment we had found as well as keep the details. Every day we search for wonderful vintage garments: production details, forms, fabrics, ideas, and history behind.

We are curious from where and when the vintage item comes from and take the challenge to reproduce them. We are that sort of perfectionists who never feel satisfied about the result we have. That is why we keep on trying to find the best way to carry out our duty both for you and for ourselves.






You are welcome to join us on our adventure!




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