Truly powerful beauty in minimalist low profile clothing

Lily Montasser of THEDEMELER. NYC Blogger. 

Photographer - Laura Huertas

Jeannie Ly of JEANNIELY. Fashion and lifestyle Blogger from NY.

Some people say fashion is a revolving door. Although fashion styles vary every year, we can always find classic elements in today’s fashions. In recent years, we’ve seen that Boyfriend Suit Jackets and minimalist fitted T-shirts have become popular - both designs have stylish elements that were big hits in the ‘90s.


Today we introduce to you a minimalist-style T-shirt. Designed in Brooklyn, NY, this CROP top originally came from ‘90s Paris. The designer kept its original style, but added comfort and textured elements.


The material is 95% cotton, breathable, comfortable to the touch, environmental-friendly and natural. The new design eliminates all accessory functions, and keeps only the most basic clothing elements. This fitted and short-length design enables a perfect resonance between fine-tailoring and the human body, accentuating especially a woman’s beautiful curves. Its thickened texture also makes the materials flatter and not easily wrinkled.


One thing that is worth mentioning is the simple but stylish metal zipper on the back. Minimalist doesn’t mean not functional. It comes out through a process of careful consideration which transforms complexity to simplicity - achieving the designer’s ideal. If you are a big fan of basic-designs, and also don’t want to disappear in a crowd, this fit short-length T-shirt is the right choice. Despite its simple design, it will help you to demonstrate your curvy body. Be someone standing out from the crowd.


Truly powerful beauty should be simple, elegant, not-complex, and delicate. This piece will make you that true beauty.