Short V-Neck Silk Dress.

Fashionable women don’t just take what’s given to them. They make personality come out of normal. How far away is elegance from fashion? Taking your fashion from classic elegance to modern energy means mixing the two through this - a medium long-length knitted sweater and sneakers.


Using natural-tones and grays for combinations like this gives off an air of elegance and intellect. This grey/blue dress is made from silky-smooth materials. It’s designed with simplicity, yet tailored and detailed with care. Its draped styling brings the eye towards the V-cut neckline. Looking downward, one notices its beautiful waved design. These features are balanced-out by short-cropped sleeves, bringing the image to perfection. This dress brings out your legs, and your energy. Simplicity works great for casual hot summer days. Whether you’re a student or working, this dress helps make you You.


Having an open neckline is a great choice for bringing your style out through accessories. Mix it with a silk scarf, or a simple necklace - they will match perfectly. If you ask me, what is the most important part of a woman’s wardrobe, I would recommend this piece. It’s comfortable to wear, isn’t too loud, and matches well with almost anything.


Eda Semana of LUXEANDLINENSF Fashion Blogger.